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How to use the best free subnetting calculator

The 'Easy way to subnet' guide and our free subnetting calculator was devised because subnetting is tested thoroughly in the CCNA exam.  In the CCNA exam and in the real world you will be expected to know how to break a network address into mini networks (subnets) and how to calculate subnets belonging to a specific host address.

By the end of the CCNA weekend you will know how to use the perfect free subnetting calculator - your brain combined with our subnetting cheat sheet.  Every time we teach our easy way to learn subnetting technique, the students are amazed at just how simple a seemingly difficult subject now is.  You will also be given a free subnetting practise test to aid your learning.

Forget using a subnet calculator, your 'Easy way to subnet' guide and free subnetting calculator (subnet cheat sheet plus your brain) walks you through the process step by step.  When you are in the exam or want a CCNA job you will not be permitted to use a subnet calculator so why now find out how to do it in your head in seconds?

It isn't enough just being able to work out the answers.  You must be able to answer the question in about twenty to thirty seconds.  The reason is that the sheer amount of questions and practical scenarios in the exam means that your 90 minutes is going to disappear very quickly.

The 'Easy way to subnet' guide and free subnetting calculator will explain the whole process step by step without the confusing jargon used in other books.  We have spent 18 months developing a easy way to learn subnetting that will turn you into a walking subnetting calculator (without turning you into a geek!).

Here are just a few of the things the 'Easy way to subnet' guide will show you how to:

bullet Subnet in your head
bullet Design a subnetting scheme for a client
bullet Convert between binary and hex (exam requirement)
bullet What subnet is
bullet CIDR and VLSM works
bullet Work out IP subnet zero works
bullet The difference between subnet classes
bullet Use an IP subnet cheat sheet for exam or interview questions

These students didn't know how to subnet, but after we showed them the easy way to do it they passed the CCNA with flying colours:

Hi Paul

I passed my CCNA today thanks for all the help and great course.  The labs are very helpful and the Super Subnetting Chart I think that saved the day

Thanks again    

Paul Cox

Paul Cox - Passed his Cisco CCNA

I have just taken and passed the CCNA today. You need 849 to pass and I got 900...The subnetting questions were a breeze using the chart technique.

Anyway thanks to Paul for your help on the weekend course and good luck to everyone else when they take their exam.

Hubert Taylor - CCNA UK graduate

Hubert Taylor - IT Technician

After coming on the course, you will be given access to our exclusive access to our subnetting generator tool and a free subnetting practise test.  The subnetting generator tool will generate test subnetting questions for you to apply your knowledge to.  This means you will learn how to easily answer subnetting question in the exam and in real life.

Using a combination of CCNA mentoring, your free CCNA study guide, your easy way to subnet guide, free CCNA cram guide, free CCNA lab guide, blueprint to CCNA exam success and hands on CCNA training course will give you everything you need to pass the CCNA 640-802 exam.

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